KOKUYO DOORS - Japanese Stationery since 1905

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KOKUYO was founded in 1905 as a manufacturer of covers for Japanese style accounting books. For over 100 years since then, based on the philosophy of “enriching the world through our products,” we have been offering a variety of products and services that provide solutions to each of our customers’ issues. We respond to diversifying needs through stationery that allow our users to demonstrate their creativity in their “work”,”learning” and “living” environments.

Corporate Profile

Company name KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.
Head office location 6-1-1 Oimazato-minami, Higashinari-ku, Osaka
537-8686 JAPAN
TEL +81-6-6976-1221
Established October 1905
Business operations Stationery manufacturing, purchasing and sales;
office furniture manufacturing, purchasing, and sales;
space design and consultation etc.


1900-1959 1960-1979 1980-1999 2000-2009 2010-

  • 1905 Kuroda Zentarō opens the Kuroda Shop in Horie, Nishi-ku, Ōsaka, selling covers for Japanese-style account ledgers.
    Manufacturing of covers for Japanese-style account ledgers begins.
    1908 Start of Japanese-style account ledgers manufacturing
    1913 Transition to ready-made Western-style account ledgers begins.
    1914 The shop is renamed "Kuroda Kokkōdō".
    Manufacturing of vouchers, invoices, carbon duplication account ledgers, and writing paper begins.
    1917 The Kujō exclusive plant is set up and the brand name "KOKUYO" is selected for a production system of Western-style account ledgers required by the contract work system.
    1932 Stationery pads with high-quality colored paperboard released
    1936 Moved to current head office location (Higashinari-ku, Osaka).
    1950 The first agency specialising in Kokuyo is born.
    1956 Flat files released
    1959 Survey filed notebooks released
  • 1960 Entry into the office furniture business
    Filing cabinets released
    1961 Company name changed to KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
    1964 Scrapbooks released
    1965 Steel desks released
    1966 Office swivel chairs released
    1969 Japan’s first Live Office is born
    1975 Campus Notebooks released
    Started manufacturing of furniture for educational facilities
  • 1981 KuruKuruMeka (adjustable child desk) released
    1996 Established overseas group companies and started manufacturing, sales, and import and export operations of stationery and furniture
    1998 Initiatives for Universal Design began
  • 2000 Kaunet established
    “PunyoPunyo Pin,” universal design-compliant thumb tacks released
    2003 KOKUYO K Heart
    established“Kadokeshi” plastic eraser released
    2004 Segmented all KOKUYO Co., Ltd. businesses into separate companies and
    moved to holding corporation system
    2005 100th anniversary with the redesign of the company logo
    Dot Liner (glue tape) released
    2006 KOKUYO invested in Actus Co., Ltd.
    2008 Picture book series “The Face Notebook” released
    2009 Harinacs (staple-free stapler) released
  • 2011 Shares of Camlin Limited, India, acquired and its company name changed to KOKUYO Camlin
    2012 Enpitsu sharp(mechanical pencil) released
    2013 Kaucore launched
    2015 Businesses reintegrated
    “DAYS OFFICE” furniture brand launched
    Softring-note released
    2016 In-house office bag Mobaco released
    2017 Shop and café “THINK OF THINGS” opened
    Office chair “ing” released
    2018 Adhesive product brand “GLOO” released